Inter-house Competitions (2022-23)

“The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic… music, dance, painting, and theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”-William Bennett

Healthy competition helps children to perform at their best. They learn the art of living together and working together. It allows the child to discover their hidden potential and individuality. In St. Paul’s School, with our four highly active houses- Ashoka House, Laxmibai House, Pratap House, and Shivaji House we try to build links between the school and the wider community. Our motto is to develop 21st-century skills among learners to equip them with critical thinking, collaboration, communication skills, adaptability, leadership skills, accountability, self-directedness, and information media & technology literacy.

Sharing a glimpse of events, we conducted post-Covid to provide the children with an enriching experience.

Wall Magazine
It stimulates and cultivates aesthetic development along with the acquisition of new knowledge that provides learners to explore a plethora of interests. This buoys up the acceptance of others in learners.


Junior Classes

WALL MAGAZINE (Classes: 1 to 5)

Senior Classes

WALL MAGAZINE (Classes: 6 to 12)

Show and Tell

Our learners are exposed to opportunities to hone their long-term memory, boost self-confidence, and develop public speaking abilities in their formative years of development

SHOW AND TELL (Classes: 1and 2)
HouseName of the ParticipantClassPosition
ShivajiMeeraya TyagiI DI
PratapLarisha BhallaI AII
LaxmibaiHayaanI CIII
PratapSaviya DhulaniII DI
PratapAyraII BII
LaxmibaiRebecaII AII
ShivajiAradhyaII BIII

Story Narration

It develops skills beyond the knowledge of subjects. It promotes academic and emotional development. It enhances their communication skills and makes them empathetic.

STORY NARRATION (Classes: 3 to 5)
HouseName of the ParticipantClassPosition
ShivajiKashvi SinghIII BI
ShivajiYuvaan KhurnaIII AII
PratapShraddhaIII DIII
LaxmibaiRachel R MathewIV DI
ShivajiAvi Kumar TejaswiniIV DII
ShivajiJoshua Daniel VargisIV CIII
ShivajiHashir AlamV BI
PratapAdriel AbrahamV CII
ShivajiTejaswini SinghV AIII

Drawing and Colouring

It tends to train the brain to focus while improving fine motor skills. It builds up learners’ ability to observe and promote multidimensional growth. They learn the art of self-expression and identification of emotions.

HouseName of the ParticipantClassPosition
LaxmibaiAmairaI AI
LaxmibaiDishita ShrivastavaI CI
LaxmibaiParidhiI AII
PratapJayamvee PatetI BII
LaxmibaiDaksh PanwarI CIII
AshokaEkas KaurII CI
PratapYohaan Samuel ManiII AII
ShivajiAitareya JhaII CII
AshokaManav PantII AIII
LaxmibaiMishika NaudiyalII BIII
ShivajiPreesha MudgilIII BI
AshokaAarna VatsIII CI
AshokaNishchala NayakIII DII
LaxmibaiTanishqIII AII
AshokaAaroshiIII BIII
AshokaPrabhkirat SinghIII AIII
LaxmibaiAraish AhmedIV AI
AshokaAaliya HaqueIV AII
LaxmibaiLavanya KansalIV DII
PratapNavyaIV CIII
PratapIra DuttIV CIII
LaxmibaiHimanshiV AI
AshokaKavya TyagiV AI
LaxmibaiKartik SawhneyV CII
PratapSoumya DeyV CII
ShivajiTanya DagarV AIII
LaxmibaiYashV CIII

Kavita Path

Poetry and rhymes help develop physical and social awareness. Initiate acceptance of different sentiments. It is a powerful teaching tool, helping learners improve their literacy. It provides freedom of expression for learners to express themselves and their identities with metaphor, imagery, and symbolism. This helps learners to gain new perspectives on life and ordinary experiences.

KAVITA PAATH (Classes: 6 to 8)
HouseName of the ParticipantClassPosition
PratapMugdha ChatterjeeVIII BI
AshokaAadarsh AshmitVIII BII
AshokaAastha RanaVII BII
ShivajiAvani Sachin KalpandeVIII DIII

Carol Singing

It promotes self-esteem and helps in the relaxation of the mind and body. It teaches learners coordination, cooperation, and respect for others. They get good at teamwork.

CAROL SINGING (Classes: 6 to 9 and 11)