Clubs and Activities

Write-up on Life Skills

It is vital to learn life skills for the students as it helps in their personality development. Life skills classes are conducted for classes VI – XI every week. Students are taught various life skills such as communication skills, thinking skills, anger management, stress management and learning interpersonal skills. Different activities such as role play, question answer session and worksheets are used as methods of teaching life skills to the students. Various group activities are organized and conducted to teach them team work and leadership skills.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming Club

As part of personal hygiene and grooming club, various activities are conducted to teach students about the importance of personal hygiene. Post-COVID, students must learn to cover their mouth and wash their hands while sneezing and coughing. Demonstrations on how to use one’s elbow during sneezing were given. Importance of oral hygiene was emphasized upon and activities were conducted for the same. Students were taught ways to show etiquette in social situations. Students were asked to prepare advertisement on the importance of personal hygiene. Students were also given training on speaking about personal hygiene to junior classes.