Global Reach


The United India, Education foundation at Hailey   Road- Alumni meet

Ms. Sudha Bakshi was invited to USIEF, where, over high tea with Ms. Elizabeth (Betsy) Devlin Foltz, the work of the Alumni i.e. U.S. Fulbright Scholars, TEA fellows and ILEP, was shared by talking about their experiences. The role and objectives of special educators in schools were also discussed.
The meeting concluded with Ms. Elizabeth Devlin informing the fellows about the changes the U.S. Education Department was planning to make in these scholarship programmes. It was also considered that the fellows of TEA, ILEP and Fulbright would form an organisation to work together for the society in the field of education Ms. Devlin is a senior program officer in Teacher Exchange Branch at the U.S. Department of States. Her visit was to take a feedback from the Alumni over tea.



St. Paul’s School, S.D.A has started a Teddy Bear Exchange program involving the students of class 2. This is an exchange program through which our students communicate with their counterparts in Carolina International School in U.S.A. We have received a set of 5 teddy bears from them along with a few letters. Our students get to keep these teddy bears for day. They have written about their experience and also about Indian culture to the students of Carolina International School. These letters, along with 5 Indian teddies and photographs have been mailed back to the school in U.S.A. The aim of this project is to team pairs of schools and have them exchange information. This will stimulate them to learn more about the culture of the two countries

British Council's International School Award 2013-16

With mankind evolving and heading towards global citizenship, it has become mandatory to ensure that our children are well- equipped to play the role of a global citizen. International School Award- commonly termed ISA- is a venture that paves the momentum towards building a global citizen out of every child. Our school is the recipient of this prestigious International School Award by the British Council for the second consecutive time.
British Council's International School Award provides accreditation for a period of three years to those schools whose curriculum includes joint projects with other countries. Dossier evidence concerning the international projects on the various school subjects taken up by the schools is examined by a panel of members including educationalists and British Council employees to determine the final awardees.
“Excellent Action Plan!”-this wonderful remark by the Panelists boosted the spirits of our ISA coordinators – Ms Ranjini N Swamy and Ms Monika Nayyar and they plunged head on with greater zeal and enthusiasm into executing the action plan. The project leaders were briefed about their activities. They, in turn, worked with their team and every activity turned out to be a success story. The cover page of the dossier created by Ms Rita Kumari is worth a mention here.
Every student and teacher at St. Paul’s, so also our Vice Principal and Principal, have been part of this wonderful voyage. And the sea of knowledge we managed to churn during this process has, indeed, widened our global outlook and thus paved the way to transform every student into a responsible global citizen with a holistic personality.
St. Paul's School, Hauz Khas has got this award for the period 2013-2016.










Launch of Exchange for change – Routes 2 Roots

St.Paul’s School was invited to the Press conference and launch of Exchange for Change, 2013-2015 on 15 January 2014 at the Grand Hotel. Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communication and Technology and Minister of Law and Justice was the Chief Guest. Juhi Chawla, the famous Bollywood actress interacted with the children and the Press.
Exchange for Change is an exchange program between Pakistan and India, where 5000 students from both the countries are involved towards building peace through cultural integration. Exchange for Change is organised by the NGO Routes to Routes and the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP).
St. Paul’s School was one of the first schools to take part in this exchange programme. The students of our school got an opportunity to speak about their wonderful experience in Pakistan and even interacted with Mr. Kapil Sibal and Ms. Juhi Chawla.

Turkey Conference by Spectrum of Education - II ,Istanbul, Turkey

Spectrum of Education II Conference was organised by AFS Intercultural Programs Turkey and FMV AYAZAGA ISIK LISESI, Istanbul . It was hosted by one of the best schools of Turkey from 24 April to 28 April, 2013. The theme of the conference was 'Geographies, Culture and People'. Important topics discussed during the conference were 'We share the same World but do we share the same geographies? ,relations between geography and culture and who disrupted the World's balance? Around 400 participants attended the conference which included 35 delegates from 16 countries. Besides , there were 15 special invitees of international fame from Universities of Oxford ,London, Nottingham, Moscow and Germany. Several experts from Turkey also presented their views.AFS India had selected three teacher participants out of 136 applicants to represent India. Our school teacher , Ms Nivedita Sibbal was fortunate to be selected to represent St.Paul's School, New Delhi.
The key presentations covered various aspects of sustainable development, causes of global warming and impact of development on environment and ecology. The topic of my presentation was - 'Water Crisis - where and why? Can we do something about it? Ms Nivedita Sibbal made a power point presentation which was preceded by a quiz related to the subject.The presentation covered the crucial importance of this precious resource,it's exploitation, over use and suggested simple solutions that could be adopted for its optimum utilization. The presentaton generated an enthusiastic response. It was indeed a wonderful exprience to deliberate on the topic with an audience from different countries who could learn, care and share with each other their views.



turkey 2


turkey 3


AFS Programme

This year also various international exchange programmes were organized by the school in collaboration with AFS.
Abhishek Popli visited Japan in December 2012 for 3 weeks.





Srishty Mittal of Class 11 has been selected for one year USA sponsored programme (full free) and at present she is in California USA.




shrishty 2

• Leonor a student from Switzerland has been hosted by our school for a year. She is studying in class XI-C this year . Mario from Italy who was hosted in St. Paul’s school as a student of class XI in 2011-12 session was given farewell by the school in the month of May.



• A team of Japanese delegation visited our school in the month of August for further tie ups with the Japan intercultural exchange programme.
• One volunteer from Germany, Volker Schlogell visited our school for a 3 day exchange programme in the month of November 2012.


CBSE Sponsored Exchange Programme

Ojaswi Biswas of class 10 was selected by Jenesys for two week exchange programme in the month of November to Japan which was fully sponsored by the Japan Govt.  She refers to it as a mind-blowing experience and says that these were the best days of her life. The main objective of the programme was to promote mutual understanding among young people who will assume important role in the next generation in respective countries.






E-Pal's Club Exchange Program- Regarding Education

( Comparing & contrasting India & U. K.)

In the month of November - our school along with school of UK named Westwoodside Primary School started the exchange program. In this program- the students of class V of our school made the E-pal club. 30 students of our school and 30 students of Westwoodside Primary school, UK started writing letters to each other. They exchanged their photographs also. Students exchanged views on education system of their own countries. Students of both countries are very excited to know about culture, education, places of interest in both the countries.

We are further planning to let the children interact through Skype. Overall everyone felt that the students are the best medium of creating harmony between the eastern and western countries.

Exchange for change – Routes 2 Roots

On the 17th of December, two NGO’s – Routes 2 Roots and (CAP) Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan launched an exchange programme between India and Pakistan with nearly 2400 students from Delhi and Mumbai (India), Lahore and Karachi (Pakistan). It is a sixteen month long exchange programme starting from January. The schools from Delhi are St. Paul’s School, BR Mehta Vidya Bhavan and Sanskriti school. From Mumbai the schools are Shishuvan and Gandhi Memorial. Schools from Pakistan are City school, Link, ILM school, SMB Fatimah Jinnah and saving group school.

The students are the best medium of creating harmony between these two nations and since both of them have common bonds of history and culture this will only make our job of removing differences easier.

This programme is divided into four phases –

1. Written postcard exchange
2. Children’s everyday lives picture
3. Monument’s picture exchange
4. DVD audio messge exchange

Last of all everyone will make a scrapebook of the collected information. Apart from the founders (Rakesh Gupta and Tina Vachani) and the principals, others who were present were Manish Tiwari ( official spokes person of congress) and Irfan Ahmed (councilor of Pakistan high Commission). Everyone expressed their views about this initiative programme. Overall everyone felt that students are the best medium of creating harmony between these two nations and since both of them have common bonds of history and culture this will only make our job of removing differences easier.