Mr. P Joseph Cherian ( Principal)

Principal's Message

Education is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude.

At St. Paul's we relentlessly work towards this theme and it is reflected in our school's motto 'Knowledge is Power'.

Teaching to the examination does'nt inspire nor does it motivate. Memorising one's subject does'nt inspire a love to learn. In fact it just does the opposite and turns off the desire to learn, to understand.

Education's goal should be to develop that love for learning, which stays with them throughout their life. Education is a lifetime experience, it is not limited to the youth years. knowledge gleaned is never a waste.

We have a holistic and child centered approach towards imparting knowledge to our students. Every year we add a number of young, optimistic and open minded individuals to our society and they strive to keep up the integrity, honesty and resourcefulness.

It is a privilege for me as the Principal of St.Paul's School, to partner with staff members, students and their families in continuing to shape a safe, challenging and nurturing school life that is full of energy and productivity. Students make us smile and we are glad to be a part of their lives.



vice principal ma'am
Mrs. Sunitha Shaji (Vice Principal)



Staff of St.Paul's School




English Department
Ms.Sudha Chopra
Ms.Neelum Sejwal
Ms. Sudha Bakshi
Ms. Jennifer Abraham
Ms. Reena Andrews

Ms. Charu Khanijou
Ms. V. Sangeeta
Ms. Jaya Kaushal

Maths Department            

Ms. Madhulika Ghosh
Ms. Sini Mathew
Ms. Geeta Jain
Mr. John P. Kurien

Ms. Rema D. Ratheesan
Ms. Sudha Kumar
Ms. Ruchita
Ms. Ritu Nauhal

Ms. Anita David


Hindi Department
Ms. Deepika Bhardwaj

Mr. Amit Kr. Naithani
Ms. Namita Pal
Ms. Shivani Dave
Ms. Rajni
Ms. Anju

Ms. Shalini

Sanskrit & French Department
Ms. Bina Dhondiyal
Ms. Pinky

Nursery Department
Ms. Anu Tiwari
Ms. Suchitra Nair

Ms. Priyanka T
Ms. Bhawna Chawla
Ms. Barnali Chakraborty

Ms. Somya Bedi
Ms. Anu Alex
Ms .Monika Kharbanda

Library Department
Ms.Sonia Bhatia
Ms. Neena Girish


 Special Educator
Ms. Tina Kumar

Ms.Sagarika Mohanty


Social Science Department

Ms. Shakuntala Ghosh

Ms. Prajna Pater
Ms. Priyanka Mehta
Ms. Sushma Pandey
Ms. Seema Wadhwa
Ms. Sonika Dube
Ms. K.R Sowmya

Ms. Ruchika

Science Department
Ms. Chitra Gopalan
Mr. Janeesh Joseph
Ms. Sarita Jain
Ms. Uttara Guha Majumdar
Ms. Manju Chawla
Ms. Anita Kumari Chauhan
Ms. Shalini Tanwar
Ms. Preetha M Varghese
Ms. Sunanda Sharma
Ms. Rejula

Computer Department
Ms.Shashi Prabha Saxena
Ms. Sheila Thomas
Ms. Monica Nayyar
Ms. Rashmi Jain

Art & Craft department
Ms. Rita Kumari
Ms. Geeta Pathak

Commerce Department
Ms. B. Shalini
Ms. Shakuntala

Dance & Music

Ms. Manpreet
Mr. Agong
Ms. Kriti Saini

Sports Department
Mr. Rajander Arya
Mr. Lawrence S
Ms. Hemlata Kuhar
Mr. Rohit Sehrawat

Ms. Himani Joshi

Ms. Sheela Rao